Corporate girl turned full-time online health and lifestyle coach

Two years ago I was an overworked corporate gal that was yearning for something more. I knew in my heart and soul that I was destined for more than a 9-5 desk job (or more like 7-7). I was living for Friday's, dreading Monday's and doing work that didn't light my soul on fire. I also wanted my FREEDOM! Freedom to do something I love. Freedom to create MY work schedule. Freedom to travel and take vacation when I wanted without getting permission. Freedom to live the life of my dreams and not just paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to be free of the golden handcuff's of the corporate world, but just didn't know how to break free...sound familiar?

Then I found Coaching.....

I saw this opportunity and while I had many doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, I thought "What the heck do I have to lose!?" I knew that if I tried it and it didn't work out, I'd just be back in my current situation...looking for MORE out of life. But what if I tried it, committed to going all-in and saw success in creating the life of my dreams? What would my life look like THEN!? I realized that the thought of passing up this opportunity, being stuck in the same place at an unfulfilled job 10 years down the road was way scarier than trying something new and starting my own online coaching business.

And so I jumped...

And here I am today, two years later to tell you that it IS possible to build the life of your dreams. I will mentor you every step of the way in helping you launch & grow your business, build your social media platforms, and help yourself get in the best shape of your life, all while helping others along the way. It is my passion to help driven, motivated and passionate women who are aspiring for more in life to build the business of their dreams.

You get to build a business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.


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